Who I am...




Photography has been a passion of mine for 15 years. At the age of 12, I picked up my mother’s old Minolta and started photographing the farm I grew up on in Australia. I quickly ventured into film-making too, making mini-series with my friends.


Selfies on a film camera involve careful precision ;)

Selfies on a film camera involve careful precision ;)

I learned analogue processing in high school, and then went on to study visual anthropology and ethnographic film-making at the Australian National University (ANU). These studies informed my natural, observational approach.  During this time I won university awards for my photography, as well as having my photography presented on the ABC News. At the ANU, I was taught by the filmmaker Dr Natasha Fijn, who has worked with the BBC and David Attenborough. In 2014, I had my first solo exhibition My People – a black and white portraiture series at N/A Space in Brunswick, Melbourne.


Me (3rd from left) with some friends at the  My People  opening 2014

Me (3rd from left) with some friends at the My People opening 2014

GGP My People Exhibition


My work has been featured in Australia by Limelight magazine, Leiden magazine, Textiles Down Under magazine, TAFE Australia, ABC News, Cathy McGowan MP, Annandale Creative Arts Centre, Better Together 2018 conference, Events That Matter, Julia Johnson music, Caitlin Hodder design and Milk! Records.

I moved to Berlin in 2014 and since then have exhibited my works in multiple group exhibitions at the Stattlab arts centre. I've also worked with the Kunsthochschule Weißensee, By the Lake Festival, Roter Salon (Volksbühne), Jen Cloher, Lecken, and have had my work featured by the Skinned Knee Collective. I have also photographed multiple weddings during this time. My upcoming work involves a feature for the No Monsters in Berlin film, as well as a solo exhibition at DOCH!

My search for truth and empathy has informed my photographic career.
I approach my work with love and enthusiasm, and I strive to capture special moments that can be shared for years to come.